Human Performance Analysis, Corp. is one of the leading consulting groups working to assist organizations in performance improvement through the understanding and leveraging of the individual, process, and organizational behaviors necessary to facilitate safe operating performance.

The interaction of people and technology in safety-sensitive organizations leads to inherent risks. HPA provides your organization with a scientifically validated tool for assessing, quantifying and controlling risk across operations, safety, human resources and other organizational systems.

The HPA team is comprised of experts in organization and management, safety culture and human performance analysis. HPA has decades of experience working across numerous different industries where high safety performance is required, both in the United States and abroad.

HPA can help you create a "culturally advantaged" organization in which perceptions and attitudes influencing performance are understood and transformational change is a leadership choice, not a reaction.


From Safety Culture to Culture for Safety
What is it that we still have not learned?

*This is a pre-press copy of a proceedings paper for the International Conference on Human and Organizational Aspects of Assuring Nuclear Safety—Exploring 30 Years of Safety Culture on 22–26 February 2016  that will be published by the IAEA